Exclusive: Codemasters: 3D, Not Natal, Good For Racing

Wheels and control pads are the future.

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Exclusive: Codemasters: 3D, Not Natal, Good For Racing
F1 2010's Senior Producer Paul Jeal has hinted at the potential for 3D technology in future racing games - while knocking down Natal's competency in the genre, adding that the focus for developers will lie more with wheel peripherals and control pads.

In a SPOnG interview to be published later today, Jeal brushed off the idea that we could soon be 'air-driving' our way around Formula 1 race tracks. “I'm a little apprehensive about Natal if I'm being honest - You can create a great racing game on a wheel already, and the difference in feel and accuracy is night and day.”

Microsoft and Sony have been pitching their motion controllers - due this Autumn - as alternatives to Nintendo's Wii Remote, with the added bonus of attracting 'core gamers' through implementing technology to traditional genres. At E3 2009, Microsoft demonstrated Burnout behind closed doors using the Natal device.

With Codemasters an authority on racing games, Jeal's non-committal puts a bit of a kibosh on Natal and PlayStation Move's core racing potential. But, despite this, there is interest. "I think it would be interesting to see what the challenges are. The precision of motion gaming may be a little less, and racing has always lent itself to extreme precision. So I don't know. It's one to test out, but you really have to make sure you get it right."

Jeal was more positive about 3D, admiring the uses of the technology in films such as Avatar. "If you were to take some technology from that and use it in the right ways – maybe have some damage in front of you or bits of carbon fibre whizzing towards you – you can imagine that'd be super cool in 3D. Those are definite ideas that are kicking around in the back of my head.”

Sony plans to introduce 3D technology for PlayStation 3 in a firmware update due in the Summer.


deleted 25 Mar 2010 12:41
I can deffo see 3D gaming making for a more immerse experience, like in a FPS bullets actually flying past your face and grenades and explosions coming out of the screen, as mentioned parts on vehicles flying off towards you but really its a gimmick of gaming and will add some visual stimuli but i cant see it adding much to game play in a tradition sense, what i do find interesting is the thought of motion controls combined with 3D now that could redefine gaming!
Tunchy 26 Mar 2010 05:45
Come on, Sony, In PC today starts BBC 2 first 3D championship in this PAX. You are late.
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