Rumour: PSN Users Seen Playing 'Motorstorm 3'

'The First Playable' is being played.

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Rumour: PSN Users Seen Playing 'Motorstorm 3'
And the Motorstorm 3 rumour mill just keeps on churning. A NeoGAF user has posted a photo of someone on his friends list, playing something called "MotorStorm 3: The First Playable."

Of course, we're pegging this one as a rumour for now, but there have been rumblings that hint at a sequel to the awesome off-road racer is on the cards. The most telling clue being a registration of the "" domain name - a practice Sony has said is "not uncommon" in the past.

Evolution Studios last worked on MotorStorm: Pacific Rift in 2007, but a PSP/PS2 entry called Arctic Storm was developed last year by bigBIG. 2010 could be the time Evolution unveil its latest title, MotorStorm or not.

VG247 asked SCEE about the rumour, to which they replied with "no comment."


Mitch 9 Apr 2010 01:19
I was wondering latley that one should be released soon on the ps3 I hope its the first, second and artic edge also a new terrain all in one experience with better grpahics and improments to the formula
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