Square CEO: We're Exploring Final Fantasy VII Remake

Hints at joy or pain

Posted by Staff
Square CEO: We're Exploring Final Fantasy VII Remake
Yoichi Wada, President and CEO of Square Enix could be bringing some cheer to the currently conflicted Final Fantasy fanbase with hints at a remake of the accepted classic of the series: Final Fantasy VII.

"Right now we don’t have a clear direction, but many fans have requested we remake Final Fantasy VII.

"We’re going to explore the possibility – whether or not we’re going to do it, if we’re going to do it, and the platform." Yes, these actual words spoken in an actual interview by the actual CEO are sure to bring howls of joy and pain in the same degree.



Swain 24 Mar 2010 20:08
Don't count on it till it's officially announced i have to many times and my joy has been shot down...
dhg contended 4 Apr 2010 21:16
hhmmm well if thats true then its a little wierd that the words "and the platform" was included... thats really gonna set some XBOX 360 fans off
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Jessica 5 Apr 2010 17:57
Well I do hope that they release it again. VII is one of the best FF's out there.
Matt 17 Apr 2010 06:20
better be for ps3. just rip the graphics engine from XIII...and give it the same classic VII gameplay. done. lol
Chris 10 Oct 2010 04:16
A remake of ff7 would be a true gold mine for them, Plus bring in new aged tec. to a game with such a epic hold on gamers as this one would be a god send for true ff fans like use and to thoes to come
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