Skate 3 Hawking a Street Date

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Skate 3 Hawking a Street Date
Black Box (and publisher) Electronic Arts, have provided street dates for Skate 3. And here they are:

North America on May 11th; rest of the world May 14th, 2010.

You may want to read the various pieces of marketing that go with the announcement. They include:

"Redefining the skateboarding experience", "breaks new ground"," take on new challenges or competitive battles against other teams", "franchise", "captured the true essence of skateboarding", "nailing that perfect trick", "culmination of this endeavour", "most connected, accessible and social skateboarding experience yet", "true skater's paradise", "delivers a completely immersive and connected experience", "deep roster".

Yes! Three 'experiences'!

This iteration of the series sees a tutorial element called "Skate.School" in which, "Coach Frank acts as a mentor and teaches newcomers the ropes".

The game is set in the city of Port Carverton. Now, the good news is the "Skate.Park editor" where you can make your own parks using the Object Dropper to alter the landscape of Port Carverton."

You can also play one of the following skaters:

Andrew Reynolds
Benny Fairfax
Braydon Szafranski
Chris Cole
Chris Haslam
Colin McKay
Dan Drehobl
Danny Way
Darren Navarrette
Dennis Busenitz
Eric Koston
Jason Dill
Jason Lee (as Coach Frank)
Jerry Hsu
Joey Brezinski
John Cardiel
John Rattray
Josh Kalis
Lizard King
Lucas Puig
Mark Appleyard
Mike Carroll
P.J. Ladd
Pat Duffy
Ray Barbee
Rob Dyrdek
Ryan Gallant
Ryan Smith
Terry Kennedy


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