Jaffe: Sony Should Sue Microsoft Over Scrap Metal

And why not go for the chap making the "War of the Gods" film too?

Posted by Staff
Jaffe: Sony Should Sue Microsoft Over Scrap Metal
David Jaffe sparked ire again this week when he jokingly wrote that Sony Computer Entertainment should sue Microsoft and the director for the upcoming film War of the Gods for getting "a bit too close for comfort."

Microsoft is working on a car combat game similar to Sony's own Twisted Metal, titled Scrap Metal. The aforementioned film - supposedly taking a cue from Spartan flick 300 - bears more than a passing resemblance to God of War.

"If I owned the rights to TWISTED METAL and GOD OF WAR, I sure as hell would at the least send a sternly worded legal letter. Heck, I'd send two legal letters if it were me," Jaffe posted on his blog.

"Sony doesn't- and should not- own the concept of the Greek Myths. Nor should they own the idea of mortal fighting ancient Gods, Greek or any other kind. That's all public domain stuff. But the TITLE? Sony DOES own that. And GOD OF WAR/WAR OF THE GODS seem a little too close to comfort ya'll."

But the post caused some irritation with "game forum folks" who took the message way too seriously. Cue huge paragraphs of Jaffe defending himself yet again in the face of many a forum. At least he knows how to get people's attention, we'll give him that.


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