Rumour: Leaked Sonic 4 Screens Show Classic Robotnik

User grabbed images from a friend with access to PartnerNET. Hmm.

Posted by Staff
After so many months of keeping any details of Sonic 4 a secret, the ball was dropped and now Sega seems unable to stop the leak train. The latest details have hit fansite Sonic Retro, with a user known as 'browny' posting an image of a boss, as well as the listing on developer portal PartnerNET.

According to the listing, we should expect Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 to cost around 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 - this is assuming that this isn't a placeholder price and won't go up before its official release. The screenshot in question shows Dr. Robotnik/Eggman in his classic ball-and-chain device from the original Mega Drive game.

If nothing else, the screengrabs solidify recent comments of an anonymous poster called Endri, who claimed to had played the opening level to Sonic 4 some days ago. This new user, 'browny' is apparently getting the fresh assets from a friend who has access to PartnerNET. It all sounds a bit 'my uncle works for Sega so Sonic will be green in the next game! Trust me I know' kind of deals, but the screenshots add a bit more credibility to the leak. Either case, we're stamping this as rumour for now.

So, is the game shaping up well for you, or do you think it's one of those lame 'rehash' jobs done on a lazy afternoon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments area.


Tamikaze 24 Feb 2010 10:50
What amazes me is how did he get to the Robotnik stage in 17 seconds? personally i want to scream fake, because theres something about it that just doesn't look/feel right,
Daz 24 Feb 2010 13:31
maybe that's all thats on that stage, wasn't the original sonic like that?
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DrunkenGamer 24 Feb 2010 16:40
Naa stage 3 of the original green hill had a fair chunk of level before you got to robotnik

but if then its supposed to be a new game so there is nothing to say that directly to boss on stage 3 would be out of the question - the trailer video shows some level elements that were only added in 2

bounty 25 Feb 2010 04:59
@Tamikaze Dude, it's not fake.
Tamikaze 25 Feb 2010 13:46
Ok fair enough, but why would SEGA be this sloppy in trying to keep something secret?
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