Canned Dreamcast game of the day: Evolution 2

Another day, another dead Dreamcast game.

Posted by Staff
Canned Dreamcast game of the day: Evolution 2
It has emerged that yet another Dreamcast game is not to see the light of day. Evolution 2: Far Off Promise, in development at Game Art.

Ubi Soft was going to publish the game for Dreamcast, as it had done with the original game in the series last year.

Today it has emerged that Ubi Soft will not be publishing the game and has ditched it. The development has ceased and no other publisher has been found making this game Canned Dreamcast Game of the Day!

Please understand, we don?t enjoy that fact that the Dreamcast, undoubtedly the best console yet brought to market, has suffered so cruelly in the market place. We are just trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Stay tuned for the Dreamcast Deadpool coming soon exclusively here!


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