Assassin's Creed II PC Requires Constant Internet Connection

PC gamers get punk'd again with DRM, this time by Ubisoft.

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Ubisoft and the PC gamer feature in this picture. Guess which one's which.
Ubisoft and the PC gamer feature in this picture. Guess which one's which.
Hey, planning on getting Assassin's Creed II on your PC? Well we hope you have a good internet provider - Ubisoft's latest DRM requires the user to have a constant network connection if they want to play the game. Settlers VII is another game that comes with the DRM requirement.

CVG discovered that on game launch you see the Ubisoft Game Launcher start up, which checks for an internet connection before letting you play. If no connection is found, an error message is thrown at you. Worse, if your connection drops during a game you're automatically kicked off, and all progress since the last checkpoint or savepoint will be lost.

Not only will your gameplay time depend on your constant connection, but it also depends on Ubisoft's 'master servers' to run without a hitch. Should the servers go down or there be a maintenance period, you're once again booted from the game without so much as a savestate.

One benefit the Ubisoft DRM offers is the ability to save your game on the cloud, allowing you to continue on another computer. Is it worth such the massive restriction on players though? Speak your mind in the comments area below.


Daz 18 Feb 2010 11:56
this is why I don't play games on PC, it's getting to me more hassel than it's worth, I can't believe people put up with it just for better graphics, and my internet likes to turn it's self off (I think it's suicidel), with the amount of gaming I do I'd never get owt done
headcasephil 18 Feb 2010 14:59
i was going to get it for my pc but cant be f ed get for ps3 or 360 it dose make me giggle how in the last six months i know of 30 hardcore pc gamers that have swiched to a ps3 because its to much of a hassle just look at gta iv you must have a rock star social club account and a live account the social club makes the startup of windows hang and when you ask people why not a 360 all say i dont whant to pay to play so windows is losing sony playstation network wining i now that this is not the case every time but still make it so i and every other pc gamer can play with out any crap and we be happy spending on hardware and soft ware (sort it out )
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YenRug 18 Feb 2010 16:50
What's the betting that people playing pirated versions won't have to put up with all these "benefits" and yet will still be able to play the game perfectly well? When are publishers going to realise that they're treating their paying customers like criminals? And to top it off, they'll have the cheek to make them pay for "extras" that they couldn't be arsed to get finished in time for the games release.

The film industry finally realised they were going the wrong way, with forcing you to sit through their "You wouldn't steal a car" ad on a legitimately purchased DVD; they had the sense to realise that these are their paying customers and should be thanking them, not trying to make them feel like something you found on the bottom of your shoe.
deleted 22 Feb 2010 07:08
Morons, pirates will find away around it no matter what where as the customer who actually pays for the game gets stuffed to the eyeballs with ball aches! oh how i laugh at PC gaming now, what reason is there to play on PC as the line between graphics on PC and console continually blurs and even DEV`s prefer to develop on console (well 360 at least) Who is paying 300.00++ for a graphics card?? lol
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