Deus Ex for PlayStation 2 new screens!

And it looks better than the PC game!

Posted by Staff
Eidos has today released the first batch of screens from the PlayStation 2 version of the critically acclaimed narrative lead first-person shooter Deus Ex.

The PC version of the game came in for some fairly heavy criticism for under-achieving visually. We can just imagine the shocked and appalled faces of all you PC gamers out there when you see what Core have managed to squeeze out of the PlayStation 2. Not bad at all eh?

As well as a graphical overhaul, the storyline has been given a new twist to ensure playability even if you have already romped through the PC version.

Eidos is also keen to stress that there are many other completely unique features in the PlayStation 2 version, such as several chunks of all-new motion capture and many detailed CG cut-scenes.

Deus Ex has no release date at this time.


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