Wayne Rooney' Face Worth 200,000 to EA

Former Evertonian's cash revealed

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Wayne Rooney' Face Worth £200,000 to EA
You've got to respect ex-Everton striker and England's hope to get out of the 2010 World Cup Final group stages - Wayne Rooney. You've got to respect him for his skills. But also for the fact that his face is apparently worth close to a quarter of a million quid to EA Sports.

The news comes from a court case via the Manchester Evening News. The MEN reports that Wayne and spouse Colleen,"will give evidence in a two-week case which was due to start today. Their former sports management agency is suing them for 4m in allegedly unpaid commission."

Part of that commission relates to earnings over and above his weekly pay packet. To be specific, "Rooney got 760,000 a month for image rights. He was also earning 1m a year from Nike, 200,000 a year from computer games firm EA and 600,000 from a four-year deal with Coca-Cola."

Get in there, Wayne.


deleted 1 Feb 2010 19:56
Saw wayne rooney once at wigan hospital, as he threw his mcdonalds bag and wrappers out of his car window on to the floor of the car park, wasnt surprised he can kick a ball into the back of a net very very well, but cant quite hit the bin!
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