Activision Confirms DJ Hero 2 - Seeks Undiscovered Talent

Publisher attending MIDEM festival in Cannes.

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Jazzy Jeff
Jazzy Jeff
Activision probably sees DJ Hero as a marathon, not a sprint, considering the lukewarm reception the peripheral-based music game received last year. Today, the publisher has announced the existence of the inevitable sequel, by scouting for potential undiscovered artists to feature their works in the game.

The company will be attending the MIDEM music event in Cannes, France from the 24th to 27th January. There it will be supporting local artists and hosting an exclusive 'Listening Session', which will allow up and coming artists to show their stuff and be considered for inclusion on DJ Hero 2.

?The Listening Session will judge ten finalists, whose tracks will vary in genre from electronica to hip-hop; rock to pop, and determine whose track would make great gameplay in a DJ set,? says a statement from Activision. ?The winner, who will be chosen by the expert panel, will walk away with the ultimate prize and have their song played by DJ Hero fans all over the world.?

DJ Hero is an extension of the already-popular Guitar Hero franchise, with Activision looking to replicate the same midas touch on the rap and hip-hop industry as it has in the rock world.

Appearances from Eminem and Jay-Z were offset by the pricing of the game and peripheral. Mind you, it took until Guitar Hero 2 and 3 for that series to really take off, so who knows - there might still be life in this spinoff yet.


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