Rockstar Doesn't Want to Make Money from Red Dead Redemption

Making the game for love then?

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Rockstar Doesn't Want to Make Money from Red Dead Redemption
Apparently a source inside Rockstar San Diego has told Joystiq, "Red Dead Redemption has been in production for six years (mainly because of horrible management/lack of direction due to fear of disrespecting Rockstar NY) and it will never get the money back in sales it cost to create for those six years."

But this is apparently no bad thing because, another Rockstar source, explains, "It will take 5 million sales at full price to recoup the development costs of Red Dead. The good news is they [Rockstar] are not expecting to make money with Red Dead Redemption. At this point, that project is just supposed to prove that the San Diego studio can make a great quality AAA title."

Nice work if you can get it. Also, the 5 million unit sale figure contradicts industry soothsayer, Michael Pachter's guesstimate of 1.75 million by, well, quite a lot.

You'll have our take on RDR very soon as we visited it just recently.

Full tale here.


realvictory 13 Jan 2010 19:50
It sounds like good value for money for me if I buy it, then - so I might.
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