Aliens vs Predator Developer Restructures

Might be closing a studio, might not be

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Aliens vs Predator Developer Restructures
Rumours and indeed speculation have been floating about the Internet today that AvP developer, Rebellion is closing its Derby Studio as a result of a restructure.

To be exact, the rumour is that what used to be Core Design (Tomb Raider) before being sold by Eidos to Rebellion and renamed 'Rebellion Derby' is to close. Rebellion Derby is responsible for Rogue Warrior.

Well, so far, the only solid piece of news is that RD is "coming to the end of its lease". Sure, this looks like shorthand for the demise of the actual bricks and mortar, but it's not quite confirmation of the death of Core/RD.

What follows is a statement from Rebellion:

"Leading independent videogames developer Rebellion today announced that corporate restructuring will take advantage of the expanded facilities at their Oxford Head Quarters and the Runcorn studio. The Derby facility, acquired from Eidos, is coming to the end of its lease, and staff are being consulted on its future.

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion added: "We are very excited about the expansion of our Oxford offices, the home of Aliens vs. Predator. Recruitment is ongoing both in Oxford and in Runcorn.

"However, growth is sometimes painful, never more so than in the current climate and we have had to take a long hard look at how we operate our studio network. Strategically we have decided to review the need for the Derby facilities, and consultation with staff at Derby is ongoing."

Yes, that's almost certainly the closure of Rebellion Derby then, with "consultation with staff" likely to mean a conversation starting with "Are you prepared to move out of Derby to keep your job?"

However, we await absolute confirmation of the closure or otherwise of the 'facility'.


Sun Tzu 12 Jan 2010 16:57
Some good guys working there, unfortunately hamstrung and tortured by inept, morally bankrupt management; combine that with being lumbered with two very, very bad games in a row, and sadly this is no surprise.
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