Pokemon Crystal not mobile in the States

No mobile in the States as Europe is left in the dark

Posted by Staff
Nintendo is about to release Pokemon Crystal in America without the support of the Nintendo Mobile Adapter.

An enhanced version of Pokemon Silver and Gold, Pokemon Crystal uses Nintendo servers in Japan to enable players to battle and trade Pokemon on the move.

Other than connectivity, the main features that differentiate this title from Gold and Silver are the addition of a female trainer acting as a counterpart to Ash, and several new items. The Unown, the mysterious hieroglyphic Pokemon, are also better detailed.

"Pokemon Crystal is an extraordinary addition to the Pokemon lineup, which has evolved from a pop culture phenomenon into a stable and enduring entertainment franchise," says Peter Main, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nintendo of America Inc. "The release of every new Pokemon game becomes a landmark event for our players, and we expect Pokemon Crystal to become a priceless commodity among the legion of North American Poke-fans."

No-one at Nintendo of America seems to notice that the American release of Pokemon Crystal lacks its biggest reason for existing in the first place: the mobile adapter.

Earlier this year, whilst sniffing around the conference halls at E3 in LA, we were assured that Pokemon Crystal would be receiving a European release, complete with online functions. We were told that this was due to the amount of people in the territory who own both a mobile phone and a Game Boy.

Today, Nintendo of Europe was less confident of this fact insisting that, “There has been no announcement relating to a European release of Pokemon Crystal. Also, the Mobile Adapter has not yet been confirmed for our territory.” Not the best news.


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