NBA Jam Coming to Wii

Vintage gameplay

Posted by Staff
A blast from the past ... yes, it's NBA Jam Tour, we know.
A blast from the past ... yes, it's NBA Jam Tour, we know.
"NBA Jam is one of the most recognizable franchises in videogame history. Diehard fans of the original game have been asking for a remake for more than a decade. We’re very excited to give them their wish this year with the return of this iconic franchise." So says Peter Moore, President, EA Sports regarding the Wii-only version of the game coming this year.

Yes, a good reason to bring a game to market is that it's easily recognised. Anyway, the new version will feature "gameplay that is true to the original, NBA JAM will have players spinning with ankle breaking moves to the basket and on the way to high-flying, backboard-smashing dunks. In addition to the classic experience, EA SPORTS NBA JAM will also introduce new game modes, characters and gameplay depth."

Game's in development with EA Canada in Vancouver.


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