EA Admits to Selling Deteriorating Need for Speed

But things are getting better.

Posted by Staff
EA Admits to Selling Deteriorating Need for Speed
In a fit of honesty or simply suicidal thinking, Electronic Arts vice president of European sales, Jens Uwe Intat has admitted to MCV the Need for Speed series has been deteriorating, although it's still been on sale.

Intat explains that things are on the up now, however. His exact words are, "We?re really turning the corner in terms of product quality. It?s back on track after years of deterioration and we?re getting Need For Speed back into the space where it belongs as a renowned driving experience."

Yes, indeed, it has been a sub-par series for some time. One reason for the upturn in quality is surely that Burnout Paradise developer, Criterion, is taking up the dev reins.


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