Atlus Announces PSP Metal Slug XX For US

UMD release only though.

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Atlus Announces PSP Metal Slug XX For US
In news that makes us want to recall lines such as “Heavii-Machiin-Guhn!” and “Rawkit-Lawncha!” (our favourite), Atlus has announced that it will be publishing Metal Slug XX to the PSP platform in the US, on 23rd February for $19.99.

An update to the Nintendo DS' Metal Slug 7, XX will feature a truckload of content, including 'Combat School' with over 70 mission-based challenges to tackle in addition to the Story mode. Marco, Fio, Eri, Ralf, Tarma and Clark return, with the extra bonus of a downloadable Leona character.

Strangely, while the game will be seeing a UMD release, Atlus told Joystiq that it doesn't plan to launch the game on the PlayStation Network, locking out PSP Go users. Despite this, the company hasn't ruled out a PSN release entirely. PSP Go users may just have to wait a little longer, is all.

Atlus publishing Metal Slug XX raises one question though (not that we're unappreciative of the funky press release that reads, in classic Atlus style, “One X Short Of ESRB Trouble”) - where's Ignition, the regular publisher of SNK games in the US, wandered off to?


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