Charity Teen Spends 40+ Hours Playing GTA IV

This one will confuse the right-thinkers

Posted by Staff
Charity Teen Spends 40+ Hours Playing GTA IV
In a record-breaking 40+ hour stint sat playing GTA IV, 19 year-old American land, David Scherer, will also manage to confuse the hell out of anti-gaming lobbies.

Scherer, reports the newschannel5 site, "broke the previous world record of 40 hours and 21 minutes, and at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday he was still playing".

But here's the thing. He wasn't doing it from a desire to become an ultra-violent gangster type, he's doing it to "raise money to help build his swim team an indoor pool facility."

Apparently his mega-session - which he wants to extend to 80 hours - hasn't turned him into a raving maniac, nor has it dented his desire to help the team. What on earth will anti-gamers make of that.

You go for the 80 hours David!


irritant 5 Jan 2010 17:27
He could clock up 80 hours easily by watching the opening cut-scene to any MGS game.
Brahmha 5 Jan 2010 19:13
cool. he should be hallucinating and s**t after a straight 80 hours
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