Jaffe: I'd Do God of War Meets Zelda 64

GOW creator rethinks the future

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Jaffe: I'd Do God of War Meets Zelda 64
It's good to see God of War creator, David Jaffe, opinionating around the Internet once again following a sabbatical. He's apparently used his break to reappraise how the game could be made if he was doing it now. Apparently he wouldn't script it so much.

"If I were to do GOW (God of War) now, I would do GOW meets ZELDA 64 structure. Much more interested in immersive games now vs. scripted experiences", he tweets.

So, he hates how GOW played! No, of course not. In fact he even clarifies this.

"Not to imply I don't love GOW. I DO very much. But I just would not design it the same way now, in 2010."



Mempars 28 Dec 2009 17:06
suppose this is no different to all those movie directrors that thought they could refine their original greats ... and made a complete pig of it
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