Medal Of Honour Reboot To Be First M-Rated Game In Series

The announcement trailer was all in-game footage, too.

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Medal Of Honour Reboot To Be First M-Rated Game In Series
Executive Producer for the Medal of Honour reboot, Greg Goodrich, has revealed that the upcoming war game (plus bearded chap) will be the first in the series rated M for Mature.

Goodrich answered some community questions related to the recent announcement trailer on EA?s website. People were concerned about the absence of the ?bearded guy? in the video, but don?t worry - he?s still in the game, somewhere.

?I can confirm that he is indeed a character in our game and will be revealed (along with his highly skilled and very specialized Tier 1 unit) in the near future,? Goodrich said.

So we know for certain that beardo is part of an elite unit that ultimately gets involved in the crisis underlying the new Medal of Honour game. According to Goodrich, ?Tier 1? is a category, rather than a specific designation, and refers to their ?place within the national command structure.?

?There are only a handful of units within the U.S. Government that are considered Tier 1,? Goodrich continued. ?We have been given the rare opportunity to work closely with members of these units during the development of Medal of Honour.?

If you needed any more proof that the studio is at pains to try and compete on a more level playing field with Activision?s Modern Warfare, the departure in content and ratings might be all you need.

Click here to read the Q&A in full. And yes, the trailer was ?100% in-game footage."


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