King of European Fist Heads to Japan

French winner of PAL Tournament to go to Grand Final in Japan.

Posted by Staff
Namco Bandai held its final European leg of its international Tekken 6 ‘King of Iron Fist Tournament’ in Camden on Saturday, with sixteen contestants from all over the continent vying for a £2,500 prize and tickets to the Tournament Grand Final in Japan next year.

Frenchman Norman ‘GenN1us’ Chatrier took home the prize after fending off fierce competition from Italy’s Alessandro ‘Steve88’ Ajello, who came in second place. As Chatrier lifted the gold Heihachi-shaped trophy on stage, he congratulated all other contestants as French TV channel Canal+ mobbed him at every opportunity.

For coming in second place, Ajello also managed to win a trip to the Japanese Grand Finals next year, on top of a £1,000 prize.

The UK was well represented in Ryan ‘The Prodigal Son’ Hart, who made it up to the Semi Finals until he faced off with the French juggernaut. As Paul, Chatrier had managed to get wise to Hart’s uppercut setups as Kazuya Mishima, and our UK hopeful couldn’t change his game in time to compensate.

Tekken 6 Executive Producer Katsuhiro Harada made a special video message to the contestants and is expecting both Chatrier and Ajello to do their best when the international tournament comes to a head in Tokyo. The electrifying atmosphere felt in Camden’s Proud Gallery this weekend is only a taste of what we can expect from a hardcore Japanese audience in 2010.


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