Aliens vs Predator Deadly Date

Europe! Europe!

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Aliens vs Predator Deadly Date
Quite simply, SEGA and Rebellion?s Aliens vs Predator will launch in Europe on Friday, February 19th, 2010.

Although many people don't think so, we here in the UK are in Europe, so, good show for that date.

MCV reports that, "The game will be available in three editions: Standard, Survivor and Hunter. The Survivor Edition comes in a steel case and features a code for downloadable multiplayer maps, which will be available post-launch.

"The Hunter Edition will also contain the maps, as well as a posable facehugger model, a Weyland Yutani sleeve badge and a 3D lenticular postcard."

Read our preview here.

We're also serving up a piping hot dish of interview with Rebellion right here.


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