Next Tomb Raider Game To Feature Multiplayer?

Crystal Dynamics job opening asks for multiplayer design experience.

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Next Tomb Raider Game To Feature Multiplayer?
Crystal Dynamics appears to be picking up the pieces following a couple of heavy layoffs earlier this year, with a job opening for a Lead Designer suggesting work on a new Tomb Raider game is underway.

The advert appeared on Gamasutra’s careers website recently, with successful candidates requiring proficiency in multiplayer design and 3D map crafting. Unless the studio is planning to make a sequel to 2005’s Project Snowblind (hey, entirely possible!), it seems safe to estimate that the next Tomb Raider (of which Eidos is said to be planning a ‘reboot’) will feature multiple players in some fashion.

“Crystal Dynamics is looking for a talented, innovative lead designer on future AAA title development for XBox 360 and PS3... The candidate we're looking for will have current multiplayer, systems and technical experience and excels in highly collaborative, team environments,” reads the opening.

You can see it for yourself here, and if you think you meet the entry requirements, why not give them a call?


becca 12 Dec 2009 19:20
i think multiplayer will be cool for tomb raider but i don't think it needs a reboot :S
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