Michael Jackson Did Work on Sonic 3 Soundtrack

'King of Pop' wasn't happy with Mega Drive soundchip.

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Michael Jackson Did Work on Sonic 3 Soundtrack
It has been confirmed that pop superstar Michael Jackson was involved in creating the soundtrack to the classic Mega Drive hit, Sonic 3, back in 1994.

The news comes from French publication Black & White magazine, where an interview with composer Brad Buxer confirmed rumours that Jackson had a hand in the game’s music production.

“I've never played the game so I do not know what tracks on which Michael and I have worked the developers have kept, but we did compose music for the game. Michael called me at the time for help on this project, and that's what I did,” said Buxer.

“And if he is not credited for composing the music, it's because he was not happy with the result sound coming out of the console. At the time, game consoles did not allow an optimal sound reproduction, and Michael found it frustrating. He did not want to be associated with a product that devalued his music...”

Brad Buxer was a regular collaborator with Michael during the 1990s, and his listing in Sonic 3’s credits fired up rumours that, by association, the pop star was also involved. Questions to both SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka over the last few years yielded no confirmation, but this comment proves what many Sonic fans had been suspecting for a long time.

As a bonus, Buxer also reveals that similarities between the Credits theme to Sonic 3 and Jackson hit Stranger In Moscow aren’t coincidental; the former was used as a base for the latter.

Source: VGMDB


Klippy 3 Dec 2009 10:41
So he was alright to sell out for 1989s Moonwalker but five year later he decided that the lack of "optimal sound reproduction" from the MegaGeneDriveSis was frustrating?

I don't buy it. Maybe Buxer it just trying to grab a bit glory as the frenzy dies along with freakshow pederist
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