Professor Layton: Miracle Mask - Details!

Plus: artwork

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Professor Layton: Miracle Mask - Details!
Level 5 has spilled some beans on its next Professor Layton game, Miracle Mask, as well as serving up some artwork.

At a launch event for The Devil's Flute, the latest Layton game to hit Japan, Level 5 revealed that Miracle Mask is about a mask (the clue was in the title) that grants the wishes of its possessor. It's set in Casino City, which has sprung up as a result of said mask's power. There are mysterious incidents. "The truth is hidden deep within the mask", read press materials handed out at the event.

Famitsu has reported that the traditional Layton gameplay mechanics are set for an overhaul in the game, but Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino didn't expand on that at the event.

Another Layton animated movie was also hinted at - apparently the second 'season' of Layton games, which kicked off with The Devil's Flute, was created with another movie in mind.

Japan is also getting a MacDonalds/Professor Layton promotional team-up, involving content that can be downloaded from eateries bearing the golden M. More details in adriasang's report.

Of course, this is all future gazing for us European types, given that we're still two Layton games behind Japan.


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