NCSoft Banhammers 16,000 Aion Accounts

"Working on a list, checking it twice..."

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Did this chap h4x0r his angel wings?
Did this chap h4x0r his angel wings?
Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. NCSoft has taken this to a whole different level, announcing that its “Ban Hammer Claus” has handed out nearly 16,000 bans to Aion Online accounts suspected to be guilty of ‘botting’ (using third party software to enhance your abilities) or taking part in ‘RMT’ (buying/selling of gold).

The action was taken with little notice to players, with the company performing an unexpected server wide reboot and going through a list of potential offenders that have had evidence collated against them over several weeks.

“It’s only fair that we keep you in the loop and make sure you know what’s going on,” says Community Manager Andrew Beegle. “Our goal is to ensure our legitimate players are having the best game experience possible.”

A FAQ has been published on the Aion Online community forums, which you can read if you own one of the affected accounts. Response from the thread in particular seem to be one of jubilation, but if you are banned and don’t believe you have done anything wrong NCSoft offer a reviews service via the link above.


PRetty funny 26 Nov 2009 18:55
they nuked my account with my lvl 30 ranger lvl 22 spirmiaster and lvl 17 cleric and i never once did anything wrong further played both waves of beta and on top of that played CoH and CoV as usual poor support Never play NC Soft game again.
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