Gravity Crash - Detailed for PSN

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Posted by Staff
As mentioned in this morning's PlayStation Store update (over here) Just Add Water's very lovely Gravity Crash (previewed here) is available for download.

What we didn't tell you is that the game is being shipped as a "Trial & Key type, where you can download the Trial version and buy the game from within the game, to instantly unlock the game", so we're reliably informed.

It costs: US$ 9.99, EU 7.99, 6.29. And here's what you get:

- 35 Single player levels, including hidden and boss levels.
- 12 Multiplayer levels.
- Three Multiplayer modes.
- Different player ships.
- Special weapons.
- Weapon power-ups.
- 20 devious Trophies.
- Leaderboards.
- Over 200 editor items.


irritant 22 Nov 2009 21:46
It's about time more people cottoned on to the fact that Trial & Key is the best way for digital distribution. Pay attention Nintendo....
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