Saboteur Slaying - EA Shutting Pandemic

Right now it's a rumour

Posted by Staff
Saboteur Slaying - EA Shutting Pandemic
Rumour is growing that Electronic Arts is to shut down Pandemic - the respected studio behind The Saboteur (previewed here) and Star Wars: Battlefront to name but two.

Kotaku's report states, "Though still unconfirmed, according to our sources almost all of the studio's staff (around 200 people) in Los Angeles are to be laid off today, with those few remaining to be incorporated into other Electronic Arts development teams. The move is expected to be announced to Pandemic staff at 11 a.m. PT."

While sad news for the gaming community and the staff at Pandemic, it would be unsurprising given Electronic Arts' announcement of 1,500 job losses at its core gaming studios.

As yet, however, nothing is confirmed.


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