Two Year Old Decisions Hurting Wii Gamers

Also, HD definitely not the way

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Two Year Old Decisions Hurting Wii Gamers
Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime has denied to Stephen Totilo that the reason games such as GTA IV and Assassin's Creed haven't made their way to Wii is a technological one. In Reggie's mind, if you do enough marketing, any game will sell.

He responds to the assertion that "technology was still a formidable obstacle" with the following:

"I think for those games, typically decisions are being made two years prior. And so the decisions two years ago were that those types of games would not be effective on the platform. But we've shown that that's just not the case. High-quality, effectively marketed against our installed base will sell, period end of story."

Maybe making a tiny adjustment to the technology might help? HD? "What that says is that simply the addition of HD capability will not be the next step for us", says Reggie.


Daz 17 Nov 2009 10:57
they maybe doable on the Wii, but they wouldn't look anywhere near as good, I own all 3 systems and I rarely check the Wii section when looking for a game(s) to buy, and about half the time I don't check the 360 section either.
joeso 17 Nov 2009 20:49
same here I have all three systems, and I seem to do the same. I think when my first xbox died on me it hurt me deep down and ive never fully recovered. sure my new xbox works fine now but when will it break my heart again, you just dont know.

Anyway yeah, i only seem to buy 1st party nintendo games ie zelda , mario, metriod etc. same with xbox, fable, halo, mass effect.

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