Brit Politician: Stop Whinging About Video Gaming

MP goes on the offensive for Video Gaming. Challenges colleagues

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Tom Watson MP
Tom Watson MP
"British politicians should stop whingeing and learn to love video games. Whether the political classes like it or not, video games have changed the cultural landscape of the nation," so says Labour MP for West Bromwich East, Tom Watson in a Guardian newspaper column today.

You may remember Mr Watson from his recent response to inveterate doom-merchant and populist stirmonger, Keith Vaz MP regarding Modern Warfare 2.

Watson has already set up the Gamers' Voice Facebook page, and is now calling for positive and direct government action stating: "It's time to elevate the games industry to the same status as the music and film industries. The government should consider a UK Games Council, along similar lines to the UK Film Council. It will give industry and government a platform to discuss the strategic opportunities that have to be grasped if we're to get the export-led growth the chancellor, and the country, so badly needs."

Is Tom Watson right? Do game companies need government intervention? To the Forum with you.

(Votes for Tom Watson as PM also to the Forum.)


Scratchy 14 Nov 2009 20:28
I'm appalled that schools don't teach kids how to program and instead teach them how to use software that will probably have changed by the time they leave school. And let's not forget that to get the really useful stuff out of a spreadsheet you need to have a grasp of the basics of programming.
I say bring back teachin BASIC - it might be hideously unstructured, but it gets kids thinking about tackling problems in logical manner. At least it'll give us adults that can use excel well, at best it'll spark an interest in coding and give us our next gen of next gen coders
Bentley 24 Jan 2010 15:41
10 PRINT "Well said Scratchy!"
20 GOTO 10
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