ESRB Rates Five New Nintendo Games

Rabbids Go Home tie-in as well as Sudoku and face-stealing.

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Seems people haven't had enough of this chap yet.
Seems people haven't had enough of this chap yet.
Even though in some countries it can be a burden, here we love ratings boards. Why? Because we get to hear about unannounced games for the first time, of course! Particularly digital titles, with the ESRB today rating five DSi Shop and Wii Shop Channel additions that should be arriving soon.

Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes uses the DSi's built-in camera and microphone to customise the main character as you control a kung-fu, barbarian, biker girl or spy through many worlds, collecting objects and using cartoon-esque defence moves to overcome enemies.

Hell's Kitchen Vs. is a title from Ubisoft that gets you cooking various recipes whilst competing with CPU opponents, taking into account customer requests and managing your kitchen. In contrast to the madness here, Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle is a more serene affair, guiding balls through a lawn maze. A bit like Marble Madness then. Crazy Sudoku rounds off the DSi list.

On WiiWare, Rabbids Lab is to coincide with the upcoming Rabbids Go Home and sees you looking after your own little Rabbid creature. He lives inside your Wii Remote, and you can customise him however you like.

Handshake to Aussie Nintendo for the discovery.


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