Britsoft comes good as Codemasters celebrates 1000 weeks at number 1

Well done chaps!

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Codemasters on the brink of bigger, better things
Codemasters on the brink of bigger, better things
Codemasters has announced that it has just completed its 1000th week at number one in the British computer and videogames charts.

The first game to hit a top-spot from Codies was BMX Simulator for the Amiga way back in 1986 and games since then have included the Dizzy series, Micro Machines and the TOCA and Colin McRae series, all of which have sold like hotcakes.

?The immediate popularity of Operation Flashpoint gives us a base to build another strong franchise? said Nick Wheelwright Managing Director at Codemasters. ?Just like Colin McRae Rally and TOCA Touring Cars, which are now two of the world's greatest video game brands. Both games' multi-million selling performance ensures their presence in the market will continue for many years.?

Even though this good news has just emerged Codemasters are in the grips of a bit of financial wrangling at present. The company is poised to sell a portion itself to venture capitalists to raise enough cash to keep the independent buoyant. In a deal reported to be worth around 25 million pounds, a finalized agreement is expected at the end of this month.


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