OnLive Cloud Console Not a 'Goofy' Company

Unstated figure. Pachter impressed

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OnLive Cloud Console Not a 'Goofy' Company
The OnLive cloud-gaming console that seeks to change the way we all game is not the flash-in-the-pan that many people may have lead you to believe. At least US telecom giant, AT&T doesn't think so.

The OnLive people have managed to get more capital investment from both AT&T Media Holdings and Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Lauder Partners LLC. Now, usually when this kind of thing is publicised, a massive million-dollar figure is attached. Not in this case.

This hasn't stopped Michael Pachter from opining, ""It establishes Onlive as a real player. This is not just some goofy video game delivery company.''



config 30 Sep 2009 11:02
Well that's hardly surprising. After all, to get that video down the wire and into your house, you're going to have to pay someone - like AT&T - for some fat, sweaty bandwidth.

You can see why carriers like AT&T are fighting net neutrality - just think of the revenue begging to be made from tariff hikes to get better (or sufficient, even) bandwidth to play OnLive...
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