Disney: Expect Third-Party Marvel Comic Videogames

Of course, all characters will be respected.

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White Tiger: Respeck!
White Tiger: Respeck!
A Disney senior vice president by the name of Tom the Stagg (minus 'the') has been speaking about what to expect of the recent $4bn purchase of Marvel. He was upstanding at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia XVIII Conference in New York, when he said:

"Over time, on the videogame side there will be opportunities. We've said that, but that doesn't necessarily mean that every videogame that has a Marvel or Disney brand will end up being just produced by us.

I suspect there will be a blend of licence relationships and self-published titles, but at the same time we believe there's an opportunity there just in terms of our drive, driving ourselves to critical mass and having a broader base of properties with which to do that."

So, expect more games from Activision Blizzard (Ultimate Alliance and a new Spider-Man), SEGA (Iron Man) and more.

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