First Crackdown 2 Details Are Viral

Pacific City are overrun with infected freaks!

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First Crackdown 2 Details Are Viral
Crackdown 2 is one of the big titles that Xbox 360 fans are eagerly waiting for, and now first details have been unveiled by magazine Game Informer. Ruffian Games, a studio borne out of ex-employees of original Crackdown dev Realtime Worlds, is working on this sequel, which sees you tackle a city overrun by a viral outbreak.

The citizens of Pacific City have gone feral due to the virus, and organised crime takes a backseat to the sheer chaos that happens downtown. New buildings have arisen and huge changes to the city make your world a familiar, but very different place to enforce your law.

It comes to pass that the cause of all of this madness is yourself, as Creative Director Billy Thomson told Game Informer that "One of the Shai-Gen missions actually had a research lab that hid all of these freaks inside of it." When it hits the fan, the Agency that you worked for in the original Crackdown are backed into a corner, and lost control to the wave of infected beings. An underground assault group called the Cell rose to power in the meantime, and your game begins at the last stronghold of the Agency as you face a rather grim situation.

Tackling the game on your own or in an up-to-four-player co-op mode, Crackdown 2 promises a lot more varied missions based around an 'influence' system that has effects on the city based on your actions (or lack thereof). Other changes include new rewards for levelling up in your skills - such as unlocking helicopters or enabling a special dash move - and multiple new weapons including a UV Shotgun that shoots a beam of light at the scrawling infected.

Throw in a 16-player competitive online mode, and things are sounding pretty tasty already. We can't wait to give this a go - as soon as more information is revealed, we'll bring the news to you.


DoctorDee 11 Sep 2009 14:22
I am totally pumped to the max for this, is there a release window yet?

D'oh, just checked. April 2010. Be a nice birthday present for me.

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