Official: Ninja Gaiden Sigma II's Boob Bounce

Filthy comments ahoy

Posted by Staff
So, there's thes new Ninja Gaiden Sigma II screeens and things that Tecmo tells us are all under lock and key until 6pm in case... in case, we've no idea why they're actually embargoed; must be something to do with the war on terror. Anyway, along with that news, Tecmo tells us:

"Oooh, and another little thing. We can, *ahem*, ?proudly announce? that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will have Six Axis compatibility. You waggle the pad, the girl?s tits bounce. Official. You can quote me. I feel so dirty."

Well, there you go then. Whether these bouncing boobs can be used as weapons, we don't know. Check back at 6:01 this evening (GMT) to find out.


Daz 3 Sep 2009 16:04
lol, I remember bouncing knockers from DOA on PS1
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