Double Shrek

TDK Mediactive boost hit movie franchise.

Posted by Staff
Following the release of Shrek for Game Boy Color, TDK Mediactive has announced and will be publishing a second Shrek title, this time for Game Boy Advance.

Shrek on Game Boy Advance will be a karting game and will take full advantage of the new handheld's capabilities. Vincent Bitetti, CEO of TDK Mediactive was keen to express the popularity of the animated phenomenon. ?The response to Shrek both as a feature film and a video game has been tremendous. With so much momentum for this franchise, we are pleased to announce our first Shrek title for the Game Boy Advance.?

Little else is known at present, but the company has pledged a Spring 2002 release in America. A European launch is likely to follow soon after. Until then, take a look at the screens from the Game Boy Color original.


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