Ubisoft Confirms I Am Alive PS3 Still Breathing

Website listing disappearance an accident

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Ubisoft Confirms I Am Alive PS3 Still Breathing
There's a rumour doing the rounds that I Am Alive, Ubisoft's delayed survival title, will not be coming out on the PS3 as was first announced. SPOnG can happily confirm that the rumour is just plain wrong.

The source of that rumour is the PS3 version's alleged absence from the Ubisoft website. Except... the PS3 version is safely present and correct. You can see for yourself in the listing here.

A Ubisoft rep explained to SPOnG, "The page had accidentally disappeared for an unidentified reason. It is now back, and the PS3 version is still a confirmed platform."

Deep breaths, everyone...


Nockmey 17 Aug 2009 12:22
so which dooshbag websites were flapping?
justin? 18 Aug 2009 03:34
fewww close one....
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