EA Set to Revive Road Rash

New trademarks registrations filed on old games

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EA Set to Revive Road Rash
Can you smell that? No, they didn't open all the windows of the old people's home to let some air in - that's the smell of a games company dusting off its old properties and working out how it can make money out of them again in these high-def times we're now living in. EA might just be hauling some classics out into the light of day for a new generation.

The company has filed for new trademarks on Bullfrog oldies Theme Park and Populous, as well as chain swinging racer Road Rash and Origin's space fighter simulator, Wing Commander.

A trademark, of course, is not the same as an announcement. It does suggest, however, that somewhere in EA, someone is thinking hard about these games. We've yet to meet anyone who filed a trademark for fun...

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headcasephil 12 Aug 2009 09:54
road rash now that brings happy times to mind playing on my goldstar 3do i think i need to go in to the loft to dust it of not played that in a long time it would be good to see that re born in the hd time that we live in at the min but this allso make me think of rare and killer instinct oh how i wish they make a new one so many hours were lost on that never got my home work done lol
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