Codemasters: Microsoft Natal No Use for Racers

Games like Burnout Paradise, sure...

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Codemasters: Microsoft Natal No Use for Racers
Codemaster’s Ralph Fulton is the game design manager for Colin McRae: Dirt 2. He was impressed by what he saw of Microsoft's full-body-controller, Natal, at E3 ("'s sufficiently different from what had gone before, and maybe Sony's controller isn't"), but he still doesn't think Natal can cut it.

Despite that same E3 demo including Criterion's Burnout Paradise driver, Fulton doesn't think that Natal is capable of handling a 'real' racing game.

“The complexity of control for a racing game, certainly for a core racing game like ours, requires a controller.

"It requires feedback, and I don't think waving your hands around and pretending you're steering a car offers you the precision or the feedback that racing games require."

By "feedback", does he mean 'rumble'? What do you think? Will you be playing a hardcore racer or sports sim or FPS with Natal? (Is Burnout Paradise just a pussy driving game?) Give us your opinions in the Forum.



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