The Sims 3 Outdoes Sims 2 With 3.7m

Sims sequel does well shocker!

Posted by Staff
A LOT of people like The Sims. Enough that 3.7 million copies of The Sims 3 have been sold since it launched in June.

That was revealed by EA's CFO and executive VP, Eric F. Brown, in the publisher's earnings call to analysts that followed the publication of its financial results. He went on to say that, "We estimate the sell through at retail of The Sims 3 is outpacing The Sims 2 by over 25%."

The earnings report itself further tells us that "The Sims 3 was the #1 selling title at retail in Europe and North America combined for the quarter."

John Riccitiello, EA's CEO, noted later in the call that two thirds of Sims 3 users have registered to purchase additional in-game content, exceeding EA's predictions for micro transactions within the game.

Short version: The Sims 3 has done well for EA.

For more on the numbers coming out of EA's financials, see SPOnG's earlier report.


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