New DC model for Japan

Funny old Dreamcast eh?

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New DC model for Japan
Just a quickie for you. Our friends from the Land of the Rising Sun can get their little hands on a brand new model of the ill-fated Dreamcast.

Coming in black with some groovy graphics on the case and controller, the new hardware is known as R-7 Dreamcast and therein lies an interesting little tale.

Pachinko is gambling game involving descending ball-bearings and is huge in Japan, a national obsession. One of the biggest pachinko machine manufacturers is Aruze Corporation, the company that recently completed the acquisition of the legendary SNK.

Aruze needed a CPU to go inside its latest pachinko cabinets and started shopping around. Through levering SNK’s strong relationship with Sega, Aruze began discussions about utilising Naomi arcade hardware. As it turned out, Aruze decided to use a modified Dreamcast instead.

This meant that all of a sudden the Dreamcast was subject to Japanese gambling laws, in particular Regulation – 7, which relates to public gambling.

And so the R-7 Dreamcast was born!


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