FIFA Producer on Natal: "Possibly"

Won't be shoved in for the sake of it

Posted by Staff
The EA Sports FIFA franchise could feature support for Microsoft's Project Natal and the PS3 motion controller, but it won't be in there just because people think it should be.

Asked whether we'll see support for them in the next game, FIFA 10 line producer' David Rutter said, "Possibly... We'll have to see."

Speaking to Videogamer, Rutter said of Sony and Microsoft's motion control projects that "There are a few things we could do, which weíre thinking about doing at the moment. But itís not something thatís suddenly going to manifest itself in FIFA 10."

ďIím a big fan of, and Iíve said it a number of times and Iíll say it again, if itís not good enough it wonít make it in. Donít just want to put something in because itís something weíre asked to do or itís something people think we should. If it doesnít add to the overall thing, then itís pointless. I donít want it to be just this distraction, to be quite honest."

He added "...weíve not really started on it yet.Ē

Looking to the more immediate future, EA has confirmed that FIFA 10 will be out on October 2nd.


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