God of War Movie Changes Ending?

OR simply makes way for the sequel

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God of War Movie Changes Ending?
Possible Spoiler Alert

Apparently video games are now all about story telling. Confusingly, however, it appears that movies are now all about being like video games.

This confusion may have something do with the fact - as proposed by 'Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer' - that David Self's script for the end of the God of War movie (the one that David Jaffe wasn't even sure was going to happen) - would differ from the game.

Big Ross has apparently sat down with the script, looked at Wikipedia, and explained the ending thus: "In the script, Self flips the order of these final events around a bit. Instead of being offered (and accepting) the Godhood of War after he attempts suicide as he does in the game, in the script Kratos is offered the godhood, rejects it, and casts himself off the cliffs. Just before hitting the jagged rocks below, the script ends as follows:

"KRATOS - Your turn, Hades...'"

-- just before we SMASHCUT TO BLACK."

And we add... "prepares for sequel".



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