Now it's Hulu for the UK

Bet you'll get this on PS3 and Xbox 360

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Megan Fox in a video you miight want to demand.
Megan Fox in a video you miight want to demand.
The Hulu video on demand service that caused such consternation over in Obama-land this week by failing to work on PlayStation 3 is coming to the United Kingdom.

Mediaweek reports that a senior vice president at Hulu, Johannes Larcher, told the recent Future of Broadcasting event that, the UK is "very ready for a product like Hulu."

He also stated that, "We will localise our model so we are not perceived as a US company". If there was any remaining doubt, "We are talking to everyone. UK is our number one priority in terms of international expansion. We are very interested in the UK. We hope in the very near future we will have some plans to reveal for the UK", will put a bullet in its doubty little head.

While we're waiting however, have a look at how MediaMall's PlayOn Media Server enables all this groovy vod.


Joji 2 Jul 2009 07:55
Sweet. Tried to check out the U.S site, but like many its region locked.

Guess it will be down to what they upload on it. I'll have some Breaking Bad, please.
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