Damnation Team Sacked

Legal documents fly hither and thither

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Damnation Team Sacked
It is being reported that the entire Blue Omega team behind Codemasters Western/Steam Punk shooter, Damnation has been 'laid off'. The new comes via a Twitter message from a coder formerly with the team, which read:

"The entire Blue Omega team was laid off today (well, starting Friday). If anyone has job openings, send them my way and I'll pass them on."

The tweet was tweeted at "6:55 PM Jun 23rd from TweetDeck".

Shacknews has come into possession of legal documents that detail what appears to be a traumatic development process for the game. It states that, "Blue Omega had hired two developers in 2007, Velvetelvis Studios and Point of View, to do contract work on Damnation--relationships which both ended in legal disputes."

We're looking beyond the Tweet.


config 1 Jul 2009 08:35
This was the wiki-wah-wah, wiki-wiki-wah-wild west style "vertical shooter" (what ever that meant), right?

The vid from August last year looks pretty close to completion. Shame.
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