First Artwork for Next Zelda Wii - Right Here

Who's the metal chick?

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First Artwork for Next Zelda Wii - Right Here
It's no big secret that there's a new Zelda game being developed for the Wii - Nintendo has just refused to show any of it to the world. It did, however, show a piece of concept art to a few people (including SPOnG) at E3 and that art has made it out into the world.

You can see it to the left of these words.

Details are still extremely thin on the ground. Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that (as the image suggests) the game features an older Link and has noted that in the image he's not holding his sword. There's speculation doing the rounds that the female in the image is the living embodiment of his Master Sword.

Miyamoto also told the assembled press that Nintendo is considering MotionPlus support for the game, with the possibility that it will only work with MotionPlus.

Don't expect a full announcement in the near future, however - Miyamoto was talking about showing the title at the next E3.


OptimusP 5 Jun 2009 11:19
I like the embodiment thing, but also, she (?) looks like the Fairy Queen from Wind Waker.
Also, Link's eyes are...empty. Maybe he turned bad or something and that's why he doesn't have the Master Sword, the bane of Evil and s**t.
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