E3 '09: Super Mario Galaxy 2!

Could there BE any more Mario?

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E3 '09: Super Mario Galaxy 2!
Following the announcement of New Super Mario Bros Wii, Nintendo has offered up another console-based Mario game - Super Mario Galaxy 2!

A video shown off at Nintendo's E3 media briefing had Mario hopping around little planetoids, fighting giant Goombas and... well, doing the stuff you loved in the first Mario Galaxy. Which is pretty much what we want, right? Right? If it's not, let us know in the forum.

Another (admittedly less exciting) Mario-centric reveal was a new Mario vs. Donkey Kong title: Minis March Again. It's a DSiWare exclusive and will be out on June 8th - at least in the States.


Tom Cribb 2 Jun 2009 18:55
Looking forward to both games- should be amazing!
deleted 3 Jun 2009 09:24
Come ON!!!!! is this what nintendo had for the hardcore, two mazza games and metroid!!! and SM2 looked like the same game with yosh and a snow planet!!! although New SMB Wii looked fun, but i miss Ninty of yesteryear, wheres Pitt we all want, Pilot Wings would be Wii+ Perfect Game, Wheres a Real DK Game? Wheres Nintendo????
felipe 15 Aug 2009 19:22
esse jogo e um putan seus filhos da puta
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