SNK Vs Capcom for Neo Geo rumoured

Too good to be true?

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The Neo Geo will not die!
The Neo Geo will not die!
Rumours are abound that SNK and a third party developer are currently working on a new version of the ground-breaking Capcom Vs SNK for the Neo Geo arcade system, the Multi Video System or MVS.

According to Neo News, the very reliable Internet and print press Neo Geo fanzine, the game is already well under way and several characters have already been confirmed.

These are, from the SNK side, Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai, Blue Mary, Kyo and Iori and Vega, Chun Li, Ken, Ryu,and Sagat from Capcom.

There will also be one-on-one fighting and the ability to pick three characters as in SNK Vs Capcom 2.

Neo News also reports that there will be two new fighting grooves in the MVS version, a King of Fighters 96 groove and a new Capcom Groove. The format of the Capcom groove is unconfirmed at present but the characters are said to have a “pre-Alpha look.”

Another rumour is that it’s possible that the game will run on two MVS units working in tandem and the possibility of a four-player version using two separate cabinets.

You must understand that this is rumour in its infancy but there is some evidence to back it up. There are absolutely tons of MVS cabinets in the States and Japan, several in every arcade. There is also the possibility of a Neo Geo home system release. Demanding a massive price tag, it may be financially viable to release the game on cartridge and CD. It is a game that every Neo Geo owner will need for their collections.

We will bring you more as we hear it.


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