Joe Madureira: Why Darksiders is Not God Of War

Plus: new screens!

Posted by Staff
SPOnG's got the the word on why Darksiders: Wrath of War, in all its hack and slash, theistic glory, is not God of War. We've also got some brand, spanking, post-apocalyptic new screens from the game. Admit it - it was the post-Apocalyptic thing that got you, wasn't it?

Speaking to SPOnG the game's creative director (and comics vet) Joe Madureira said of the comparison, "You know, last I checked Kratos never rode around on a horse and threw cars at people, or fired angelic weaponry, guns...

"But, honestly, aside from that you have free camera control. That immediately makes it feel completely different. The world is explorable, you?re not on a linear path. And just that open adventure I mentioned at the beginning of the interview. The world doesn?t close off as you progress the story. It?s more about exploration. It?s really a surface comparison."

You can see that interview in full here. When you're done, cast your eyes over these screens.


HAYDS510 22 Jan 2010 02:49
true, if you could compare it to a game 'd lean more towards Zelda, minus the bad ass car throwing. & thats a good thing, to be compared to the greatest franchise gamings ever spat out.
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